Σχεδιασμός, Aνάπτυξη και Yποστήριξη Μη Επανδρωμένων Συστημάτων UCANDRONE UAS

Design, Development and Support of UCANDRONE UAS Unmanned Systems

Custom Built Aerial Platforms for specialized customer needs

Technical Support, Consulting and Training Services in the construction and use of UAS

RTF Aerial Platforms (UASs) designed and manufactured by UCANDRONE


UAS Payloads


  • Specially designed to serve specific needs
  • High specifications of construction material
  • Technologically advanced equipment
  • Excellent performances
  • Tested in demanding quality controls and tests
  • Very good value for money
  • Provision of Technical Support and Training

Unmanned on Demand

Design and production of high standards Custom Built Aerial Platforms for specialized customer needs

With the most modern and accredited construction materials in the aeronautical industry

CONOPS training

Flight File Analysis and Achievement through a fully industrialized CAD / CAM process

On-demand and Rapid Prototyping changes

Payload Integration

In collaboration with the largest Academic Institutions in our country and abroad

Support and Completion of UAS systems

Technical support and training

Technical Consulting & Training Services in construction – use UAS.
BTO and DIY UASs services for individuals and professionals.
Selling and / or renting Drones properly equipped for every need and staff training for their use.
UASs seminars.
After sale services.


Specially designed for large-scale overviews.
Suitable for military purposes and internal security needs.
Designed to carry FPV / UAV equipment, for remote sensing and low altitude aerial photography / mapping.
It is a high standard unmanned aircraft with a flight duration of 4 hours and a payload of 0.55Kg.

Key features are it’s innovative design, modular structure, quick assembly, ease of adding or removing the payload.
Available as anairframe ready for automatic pilot and payload integration.

Main advantages
High standard construction materials, flight duration, large-scale surveillance capability, high durability, very large flight envelope.


Special for military purposes, police operations and industrial applications

Strong points: reliable, with unsurpassed durability of materials, reliable in very difficult weather conditions

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