Εφαρμογές & Υπηρεσίες UCANDRONE με χρήση μη επανδρωμένων συστημάτων στον Ενεργειακό Τομέα και σε Εταιρίες Πετρελαιοειδών

– Preventive maintenance of high voltage grid network
– Overview & Comparative assessmentof buildings and installations

Renewable Energy Sources

– Wind farm overview
– Preventive maintenance of wind turbines and auxiliary infrastructure
– Installation and road construction studies

Oil & Gas

– Overview – preventive network maintenance
– Invisible pipeline leak detection
– Oil and gas pipeline mapping & monitoring
– Oil spill estimation
– Overview operations in an unfriendly environment

Lower cost & shorter time

Lower cost of inspections
Ease and shorter recording time

Safety & Low Risk

Possibilities for overview in an unfriendly environment (high temperatures, gaseous pollutants, etc.) where human intervention is dangerous

Ability to capture difficult areas without risks to human resources

Ultra-high video

Ultra-high video resolution capability

High recording analysis and accuracy

Flexibility and interoperability

Flexibility and interoperability of deliverable material

Real time inspection

Real time inspection on the ground by all involved parties at the same time

Post inspection

Post inspection since all data is recorded

Maintain spatially enabled record

Ability to maintain spatially enabled record with all inspections in databases and geodata bases


UAS Flights with custom made multicopter platforms, equipped with specialized mapping cameras in thermal infrared and RGB spectrum band, in order to acquire remote sensing data of the study area.


Extremely powerful real time monitoring capability,secure data storage on the ground in order to subsequently perform post inspection from specialized technical personnel.


The provided image can be either in RGB or Thermal spectrum band, switching in from the remote control. The thermal image can be scaled accordingly, the difference colors may be customized from ground station (white, grayscale or pseudocolor).

4K Resolution Video

The use of 4K video recording, provides us with the best image quality we can have today.

This resolution varies from 3840×2160 to 4096×3112 pixels, i.e. more thantwice the full HD image quality equivalent, with the ability to record details with very high accuracy and with real time inspection from the ground.

Preventive & invasive maintenance of energy networks

Services and applications of planned preventive and/or invasive maintenance inspections

In a high voltage grid, safely, without the involvement of human resources and without interruption of power distribution,real timemonitoring& post inspection capability

Wind turbines and auxiliary infrastructure of wind farms and networks of other renewable energy sources

Oil and gas pipeline networks with mapping, reviewing and detecting invisible leaks in the network

In combination with other industrial applications:

Overview and comparative capture of buildings, installations and networks

Surveys mappings and digital twin production

Oil spills assessment

Special operations – missions in an inaccessible and/or non-friendly environment

3D display

Spatial 3D imaging in digitized form, based on the principles of photogrammetry, which are analyzed by special software and then processed with photogrammatic procedures up to the final export of 3D deliverables and derivatives such as: DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model), DEM – (Digital Elevation Model)

Geometric correction (georeference), and acquisition of geodetic coordinates in all Reference Systems

Display results in high-resolution and accuracy orthophotos and 3D digital models

Focusability – standalone camera handling

A key advantage is theability to focuson both spectrum options and independent movement of the camera.

Thus the inspector is able to focus where he deems necessary during the flight, with the help of a switch but also to turn the camera as he wishes in any direction with a separate controller, regardless of the movement and location of the droneused.


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