Industrial Inspections

Εφαρμογές & Υπηρεσίες UCANDRONE με χρήση μη επανδρωμένων συστημάτων για Βιομηχανικές Επιχειρήσεις
Inspection & comparative mapping

Inspection & comparative mapping of industrial buildings and zones

Network maintenance

Anticipative and corrective network maintenance

3D ground mapping

3 Dimension digitized ground mapping


Depicted results in high resolution orthophoto

Interoperable data

Interoperable inspection data

4K Video

4K Mapping Video

Real Time View

Real Time Inspection capability in RGB and Thermal spectrum


Safety during the data survey process

Low dangerous operations

Low dangerous operations

Lower Labor costs

Lower Labor costs

Shorter inspection time

Shorter inspection time

High resolution and accuracy

High resolution and accuracy mapping

Real time inspection

Real time inspection from multiple ground personnel

Post inspection

Post inspection since all mapping data are kept saved on the ground Station

Data files creation

Data files creation with all recorded inspection in a spatial database


UAS Flights with custom made multicopter platforms, equipped with specialized mapping cameras in thermal infrared and RGB spectrum band, in order to acquire remote sensing data of the study area.


Extremely powerful real time monitoring capability,secure data storage on the ground in order to subsequently perform post inspection from specialized technical personnel.


The provided image can be either in RGB or Thermal spectrum band, switching in from the remote control. The thermal image can be scaled accordingly, the difference colors may be customized from ground station (white, grayscale or pseudocolor) .


4K Mapping video, constitutes the best aerial image quality we have with the latest technology.The resolutions varies from 3840×2160 to 4096×3112 pixels, more than double of previous full HD image quality, with detailed high accuracy mapping capability, and realtime inspections from ground.

3 Dimension Mapping

3D spatial digitized Mapping based on Photogrammetry fundamentals, constitutes major factor in Industrial inspections, especially in comparative survey of buildings and zones.

Every engineering aspect or Modification becomes easier, more cost efficient and in shorter time, when it is well spatial mapped in digitized way.

This particular survey performed via photogrammetry principals.

Consecutive photos, based on specific over-side laps and characteristics, is processed by dedicate specialized software and photogrammetry methods.

After this stage, arithmetic calculations are implemented in order to produce and export 3D ground scenery in:

DTM – Digital Terrain Model
DSM – Digital Surface Model
DEM – Digital Elevation Model
In addition, once georeferenced these particular data, have geodetic coordinates in Greek Geodetic Georeference System, while the results depicted in High resolution orthophoto and 3D digital models

Focus – Automatic camera targeting capabilities

Zoom capability in both spectral bands as well as the 2 axis camera gimbal are special advantages of our UAS configuration.

There fore the supervisor can easily focus and target the camera at his discretion, with appropriate knobs and switches from independent remote controller. Hence, camera can move independently from the drone flight path movement.

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