Precision Farming With UAV

Precision Farming With UAV

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Accuratly estimate yeld crops, quality, fertilization and irrigation.

With continuous monitoring and modeling, we have the ability to reverse the over-fertilization for the benefit of existing crops in both qualitative upgrading of products (like wine) and quantitative (Like biofuels and Cattle feeds). This will provide the opportunity for farmers to use every resource available and to return to active production without the need for subsidies and effect in accordance with the latest certification standards.

Increasingly, we are experiencing the need for lower cost produced information. The flight costs are minimal and all it requires is the physical presence of the aircraft, as opposed to aerial photography from manned aircraft. Compared with the satellite images, the image produced has much higher resolution (0,05m/cell to 0,5-30m/cell respectively) without the overcast obstructions and can be repeated at any time.

Using open source software and avoiding expensive software in most steps of the recording and processing of data (aircraft, ground station, post-processing), keeps the operating costs low, while involves rapidly thanks to the growing community, of active end users and developers.


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